– JCPenney Credit Center is home to the JCPenney Credit Center online.  This service is useful for customers looking to pay their credit card bill online.  To pay a bill online simple login to your account, click on the “pay my bill” link and then provide checking account information, the amount you wish to pay  and the date you would like the payment to be drafted from your bank.  The entire process should take less than one minute.  Please note that payments will be applied to your JCP account when the schedule is due.  Also note that the payment may take up to three days to reflect.  Do not wait until the last minute to make a payment if you want to be sure the payment is made on time.

Other activities that can be conducted on include the ability to print a statement, request an increase in credit, Request a Replacement Card, update your account information, Dispute a Charge,  and download a statement.  The jcpenney rewards credit card is issued by GE Capital Retail Bank and is a very popular rewards program with JCP customers.  If you are new to the service you will have to register online.  When registering online please make sure you are the  primary account holder and you have the credit card on hand.  To use the site you must have Microsoft Explorer 5.5 or later.  Any questions can be directed to the service department at 1-800-877-1342 anytime of the day.

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